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My name is Sam and i'm a mixed media visual artist based in Hampshire, UK. 

My work as a visual artist mainly explores themes of mental health; Usually in the form of figurative or botanical works.  My aim is to foster an empathetic relationship with the viewer using structured line work, free flowing colour and erratic scratchy text. I find artistic expression, and drawing in particular, a true release of emotion and thought. 

My hope is that viewers can resonate with my work on an emotional level, and I feel truly grateful when that occurs.

What is ultimately feelings pored out with a few flicks of ink and splashes of colour, i leave each piece’s interpretation up to you.


While not constraining myself to specific mediums, my body of work frequently features pen, charcoal, ink, and watercolour, on canvas or paper; Aiming to evoke emotion, energy and mood through the use of structured line work and text together with loose flowing colour. Enjoying the juxtaposition of structure and chaos.


Honouring the dichotomy of brokenness and beauty, my work is an individual artist’s representation of life. Put simply, I explore the ugly truths of being vulnerable and alive.

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